Recently, Select Landscaping decided to expand their business to include a stone yard. While they did have a website, it only included a phone number and a few simple images taken with cell phones.  Latin Medius redesigned the website and it now features a professional photo gallery, testimonials, review form, and a contact page . You can also view the stone yard's complete product inventory and request pricing quotes online.

Since 1999, Select Landscaping has provided North Dallas residents with custom lawn designs and service. Visit to view their photo gallery.

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Web Design and Photography by Latin Medius

The Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex hosts a wide variety of landscaping businesses from which to choose. What makes one stand out from the other? Marketing. In order to stay competitive, Select Landscaping hired us help them showcase their creative landscape designs through the eyes of our camera lens.

With proper staging, lighting, and editing, even the most basic object can appear beautiful. Why does it matter? As humans we are drawn to beauty in symmetry.  More importantly, prospective customers will notice. Quality photos tell your customers you believe in your business, service or product: and they should too.

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