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inspiration for design

Crisp. Clean. Beautiful. "Black’s most common association is power, authority and strength. Other associations of black include intelligence and professionalism (suit and briefcase). White is said to promote creative thought (a blank white board) and is also synonymous with fresh beginnings. As a positive, clear and open color, white can direct communication in a powerful way." Black and white together evoke a powerful, yet professional image visitors will not soon forget.

Since 2005, we have repaired countless foundations across Dallas, TX. We Level DFW.


In order to stand out among competitors, we conduct a photo session to capture your professionals in action. Customers get a real look at what the process is like. From the same photo session, we create artistic images to splash across your website.


Check out the logo! Latin Medius helps brand your business by providing a professional logo design that stands out in the minds of current and future customers. If you don't already use a  great slogan, Latin Medius can also help.

the ROC Foundation Repair DFW
the Roc Foundation Repair


Recently, Select Landscaping decided to expand their business to include a stone yard. While they did have a website, it only included a phone number and a few simple images taken with cell phones.  Latin Medius redesigned the website and it now features a professional photo gallery, testimonials, review form, and a contact page . You can also view the stone yard's complete product inventory and request pricing quotes online.

Since 1999, Select Landscaping has provided North Dallas residents with custom lawn designs and service. Visit to view their photo gallery.

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Web Design and Photography by Latin Medius

The Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex hosts a wide variety of landscaping businesses from which to choose. What makes one stand out from the other? Marketing. In order to stay competitive, Select Landscaping hired us help them showcase their creative landscape designs through the eyes of our camera lens.

With proper staging, lighting, and editing, even the most basic object can appear beautiful. Why does it matter? As humans we are drawn to beauty in symmetry.  More importantly, prospective customers will notice. Quality photos tell your customers you believe in your business, service or product: and they should too.

Select Landscaping


Inspirational.  Memorable. 

Videos are an effective way to feature products or introduce your business to customers, corporate sponsors, and investors. 


This video was created as part of a social media campaign to promote Latin Medius in our surrounding area. Videos like this reach customers more effectively than text or flat images.


We created this video to walk our customers through a typical Latin Medius website. Instructional videos, such as this one, are an effective  way to teach customers or employees about your business or service.


Sometimes it is necessary to introduce yourself professionally or showcase your products. When it comes to creating a quality corporate video, the sky is the limit!