Tips For Being Safe on Facebook

Thinking of closing your Facebook account? Listen to this first!


1) Review your security settings often! Open up your profile page on the web, then click Edit Profile. Click the pen icon to the right of anything you don’t want to be there, then Options, then Delete

2) Share as little as possible: Get out of the groups you don’t need, unfriend the people you don’t absolutely have to be connected to, and of course don’t post anything yourself. Instead, evaluate what someone could learn about you from what you share (Ignore Facebook’s prompts to add more details to your profile)

3) Delete Facebook app on mobile devices. The reality is GPS built into your cell phone is revealing your location to interested third parties. Scary!

4) Disconnect third-party apps: the more apps and sites you connect to your Facebook account, the more exposed you are.

Don't let anyone pressure you to keep your account open if you do not feel comfortable. This is a very personal choice!

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Edith DuarteComment