Every project begins with listening to your story. You’ll tell me about yourself and your business and all that passion you have for what you do. Through a one-on-one discussion and series of client questionnaires, we’ll get to the root of what it is exactly your business needs in order to reach customers, book more sales, gain followers and accurately represent your brand and business.




Great design isn’t just about making you look good, it’s crafted from serious research and strategy. I’ll take the time to think about your ideal customer – what matters to them, what draws them to your business, and how we can establish a real connection with them through design. We’ll collect visual inspiration that aligns with the feeling you want your design to evoke and gives us a solid foundation to start the design process.




With a clear vision of the impact that we want your design to have, we’ll start fresh with a blank canvas so that what we create isn’t for anyone else, just for you. We’ll work together to refine initial concepts and make sure that the design is meeting all of the goals that we outlined in the first phase of our project. Concepts always start as sketches or simple black and white graphics, but as we move forward and make adjustments, they’ll transform into full brand identities and websites applied in mockups to show how everything will look in context.




Once everything is finished, you’ll be given all the files and tools that you need to launch your new design. I’ll be alongside you to make sure that your launch goes smoothly and to help you with things like Squarespace training to manage your website and some ideas of future ways to implement your new design in different environments.