Jacqui's Gourmet

Latin Medius provided the branding services and the online store needed to launch her tasty Jamaican gourmet products!  Customers can browse the website to learn more about the owner's background, the ingredients, and purchase the products directly from the online store.



Product Photography

In order to create the right feel, a photo session was in order. Headshots and product photography help your customers get a real look at who you are and what you're selling. Each of our web designs now includes your very own photography session!



Logo Design

The most visible part in business marketing is your logo. Latin Medius creates modern logos that help your brand stand out. From this day forward you are no longer a business, YOU ARE A BRAND! We create memorable logos that enhance your website and your image. 




With e-commerce, customers are able to view current inventory and purchase products from the comfort of their home or through their mobile device on-the-go. And you? You can track orders, inventory, and shipments from a mobile app without ever having to log into your computer. It's that easy!